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Suiseki: an extremely flexible collection of modular padded seatingDesigned by Andrea Steidl for LaCividina

Natural qualities

The Suiseki padded seating collection is the first step in a new partnership between Andrea Steidl and LaCividina. It draws heavily on nature and almost geological volumes as sources of inspiration.

Its essential modules of various sizes create dynamic combinations: taking the place of classic shapes are spontaneous, harmonious unaligned arrangements.

Reversed volumes

The backrest is the real star of the structure. It has the appearance of a backdrop, pushing beyond the perimeter of the armrests and extending towards the “platform-like” seat in a display with reversed volumes. The backrest gets thicker and thicker towards the top.

The individual modules can be combined in all sorts of ways, in a playful blend of offset heights, widths and depths. The resulting sofas have sculpturesque forms and unadulterated shapes that can cater to uses of all kinds.

Impeccable in private and in public 

Suiseki is designed to bring out the best of public spaces. Along with its quintessential Italian quality, its modular nature means that exceptional, long-lasting performance is guaranteed.

The modular qualities give it far greater scope for furnishing residential spaces than simple home-friendly sofas with corner shapes on offer.


Filinea, botanical and technical
Designed by Antonino Sciortino for LaCividina

Fine threads form an armchair

Antonino Sciortino and LaCividina have teamed up again to create Filinea: a futuristic armchair made of round, extremely slender steel bars that was inspired by a plant. Natural and technical qualities have come together to form its airy outline.

The original idea for the Filinea armchair came from the distinctive appearance of euphorbia tirucalli trees, which are very widespread in the South of Italy. They are a particularly common sight in the Sicilian homeland of designer Antonino Sciortino, who has always had close ties to his roots. The thin, intricately arrayed branches of the plants have been recreated in a seemingly impossible design. Tangled geometrical shapes criss-cross to create the ethereal chair.

… and technical creation

Working with round steel bars that are just a few millimetres thick requires great technical prowess. The designer has previously used the approach in other projects, but never on this scale. LaCividina’s craft experts created the individual outlines then joined them together at different heights to make them look like a single piece with one thread that had been twisted over and over again. It feels like you are floating on air when you sit on the ultra-light seat, which weighs just 7 kg.


U: the new shape of simplicity
Designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai per LaCividina

Miniature architecture 

is a collection of tables of various heights and sizes by Lanzavecchia + Wai, who are two of the most interesting talents on the international design scene. Its main distinctive feature is a U-shaped support whose soft curves also inspired the rounded appearance of the tops. The latter come in three shapes: square or rectangular with rounded corners, and circular.

Various versions, one unique feature

All of the versions (made of 100% metal or metal and wood) come with a bent aluminium U-shaped piece. Their most striking quality is their architectural but light appearance: U tables have a monolithic feel to them but when they are viewed from another angle they have a lightweight look, with clean-cut, iconic graphic styling.