Design Post

Historical Significance

The Dreigelenkbogenhalle (three-joint arcade hall) of the Deutz post office was built between 1910 and 1914. The former eight-nave hall is the only building complex of the Deutz post office which was listed as a historical building in 1988. Until the 1990s it served as the postal railway station hall proper.

This successful example of industrial architecture was sensitively renovated in 2005 and remodelled for its new purpose by the Dutch architectural firm O III architecten. Since its reopening in 2006, the hall has been used as a permanent showroom for international furniture and design brands.

The Design Post is no doubt an excellent example of rededicating a building that was formerly used for transport and traffic purposes. The remodelling, which has also been successful in terms of historical preservation, is a symbol of the changes the district of Deutz has undergone in previous decades.