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ArchitecTour 2 - LIGHT ON . . .  EARS ON

Meet 6 manufacturers and learn more about extraordinary products in short presentations from the fields of LIGHT and ACOUSTICS.

Wästberg - Manifesto - Light for the Neandertals, Magnus Wa?stberg

Midgard - 100 years of moveable light Midgard at the Bauhaus, David Einsiedler

Ingo Maurer - Integrated LED ?s versus standard version, Claude Maurer

Création Baumann - Creative room acoustics design, High-tech textiles for room acoustics and interior design, Stefan Schu?tz

Acousticpearls - Understanding and implementing Acousticpearls acoustics with the Acousticpearls Room Acoustics App, Clemens Lu?ning

Buschfeld - Sense System Lighting with future-proof and smart technology, Stephan Blass


Meeting point for the presentations: Design Post reception. Registration required. The number of participants is limited. Some lectures may be given in English.

Please register here.