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EOOS and Carl Hansen & Son continue their partnership on the Embrace Series

Carl Hansen & Son are extending the Embrace Series with an unconventional and sculptural furniture concept, comprising dining tables, lounge tables and a new dining chair. The Embrace Tables and Embrace Chair further extend the versatility of this striking furniture series, designed by Austrian design trio EOOS.

The introduction of a new partnership between Carl Hansen & Son and the innovative designers behind EOOS attracted much attention. The Austrian design trio and the Danish furniture manufacturer initiated their creative dialogue with the Embrace Armchair – a reinterpretation of the classic dining chair with soft upholstery and an inviting shape. More furniture items have since been added, including a lounge chair and footstool. Carl Hansen & Son and EOOS are now gathering the Embrace chairs around a new table concept, Embrace Tables, with a strong visual identity that makes the series even more versatile.

Embrace Tables: Inspired by the lightness of a floating kite

“With the new dining and lounge tables, EOOS has once again successfully reinterpreted a well-known piece of furniture, with respect for our design heritage, exacting requirements for production and elegant aesthetics. The tables, made of wood and steel, have a distinctive, sculptural expression that provides optimal functionality, as the table legs have been pulled into the center to maximize legroom,” explains CEO Knud Erik Hansen from Carl Hansen & Son. 

All Embrace Tables have circular tabletops, which EOOS designed to facilitate communication between people. The Austrian design trio explain: “Ever since the first Embrace chairs were designed, we have been working to create the perfect table for the series. The chairs have two strong components – the wooden frame, which is fully in line with the Carl Hansen & Son DNA, and the soft upholstery, which softens the stringent perfection. The tables have three components – a wooden base, with references to Carl Hansen & Son’s preferred material; a steel wire structure, which replaces the traditional center pillar; and a round tabletop.”

EOOS continues: “By combining these three elements, we have created an innovative design – a table that unites ultimate lightness with great stability, while providing an ideal setting for conversation and social interaction.” The tables are therefore not only in dialogue with the chairs, but will also suit any environment or interior where communication is key, such as private homes, offices and restaurants.


Embrace Dining Table – model number E020 – is made with a black or white laminate tabletop with an oak or walnut veneer edge, a black powder-coated or stainless steel frame and a wooden oak or walnut base with various finishes. The dining table comes in three different sizes: Ø79.5 cm, Ø110 cm and Ø139.5 cm and H74 cm. 

Embrace Lounge Table – model number E021 – is made with a wooden oak or walnut tabletop and base with various finishes and a black powder-coated or stainless steel frame. The lounge table comes in two different sizes: Ø80 cm and H38 cm, and Ø48 cm and H48 cm.

Embrace Chair – model number E004 – is made with an oak and walnut frame with various finishes, with leather or fabric upholstery. The edging strip comes in black, white, brown, natural and blue. The chair’s dimensions are 46,5 cm (seat height), 82,5 cm (height), 61 cm (depth) and 56 cm (width).