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Ingo Maurer for Buschfeld

“functional, emotional” is one way of describing the new cooperation between the two lighting companies Ingo Maurer and Buschfeld lighting systems.

With different approaches, but promoting the same values, they have teamed up to create exciting, surprising, and perfectly implemented lighting solutions. It is possible to mount specific Ingo Maurer luminaires such as the famous Lucellino, or Flying Flames co-designed by Moritz Waldemayer, on Buschfeld lighting systems.

The result is a one-of-a-kind composition of highly sophisticated lighting systems with a variety of inspirational light fixtures designed by Ingo Maurer. Based on Buschfeld lighting track, and as an experimental proof of concept, the Ingo Maurer Team have created the "Flames is all I see" chandelier for the entrance hall of Design Post Cologne. The mesmerizing lighting installation will be on display during IMM 2020 at Design Post Cologne.